LG says they’re going to start focusing on making OLED panels for mobile devices

Samsung isn’t the only company that makes OLED displays, LG is also in the game. But unlike Samsung, LG hasn’t really focused on making OLED screens for devices like smartphones and tablets. That’s soon going to change according to The Korea Times. LG spokesperson Frank Lee says:

“LG Display will produce an ‘unbreakable OLED display’, the first phase of flexible displays, at our AP2 line of the 4.5th-generation plant in Paju, Gyeonggi Province. The move is aimed at taking a lead over rivals in the race for next-generation displays.”

This ‘unbreakable display’ Frank mentioned actually isn’t new. During the company’s Q1 2013 financial earnings call, Yoon Bu-hyun, Vice President of LG;s mobile business, said there are plans to launch a smartphone with an unbreakable screen during Q4 2013.

What exactly is an unbreakable screen? All the pixels that make up your smartphone’s screen have traditionally been “glued” on to a glass substrate. I don’t need to tell you that glass breaks. By replacing the glass substrate with plastic, you not only gain the ability to be flexible, but you also introduce durability. That’s what’s meant by “unbreakable”.

The report also says that LG’s OLED displays will use the full RGB stripe subpixel configuration, but I’ll just wait until their panels are actually out for people to prove that.