It’s official: Samsung’s Galaxy Knox software gets approved by the Department of Defense

Back in February of this year, at Mobile World Congress in Spain, Samsung announced a new suite of software called “Knox”. It’s made for people who want to protect the data on their smartphone, and it does some pretty cool things like let you have two separate setups on your device.

So say for example your job issues you a Galaxy S4. While you’re at work, it’s in work mode, with a different lock screen, different apps on your home screen, and so on and so forth. As soon as you get home though, it switches to personal mode, and your background is set to your wife and kids, your favorite games are there, and you get the idea.

Now when Samsung announced the GS4 in March, they said it would ship with Knox, but that no longer appears to be the be the case. According to The New York Times, it’s been delayed until the summer. When it does launch however, government employees will be allowed to use it because Knox has just been approved by the United States Department of Defense.

If that’s not considered bulletproof security grade software, then I don’t know what is.

[Via: Engadget]