Intel Korea is rumored to be tightly working with Samsung on custom chips

Two weeks ago, SamMobile published a rumor saying Samsung was going to release a 10.1 inch tablet using an Intel chip. Last night, Reuters said they heard the same thing. Today, The Korea Times sheds some more light on Samsung’s relationship with the chip giant.

Here’s a quote from an anonymous Intel employee they spoke with:

“The number of Intel’s Atom-branded chip engineers increased to over 50 this year from last year’s six in Korea. Most of them are working for Samsung-related projects with a mission to customize circuits for adaptation on Samsung products.”

Assuming this is true, increasing the number of engineers from less than ten to over 50 shows Intel is ridiculously ambitious. And they should be. They’re probably tired of having their lunch eaten by Qualcomm, who these days powers just about everything.

Now that being said, you have to remember that Samsung, like Intel, also makes their own chips. The piece from KT suggests Samsung is having issues making enough processors for their own devices, so the company is talking with as many chip vendors as they can to rectify the situation.

Oh and one more thing: Despite Samsung holding their own event in London on the 20th of June, KT says that this Intel powered Galaxy tablet will be announced at Computex in Taiwan in early June.