HTC’s Q1 2013 numbers are out, and they’re terrible; the company says Q2 is going to rock

HTC has just published their Q1 2013 financial figures, and they’re not something one would call excellent. Revenues hit $1.45 billion, and profits were below the $3 million mark, but hey, a profit is a profit, and we don’t see that all too often in this industry.

To put things into perspective, the first quarter ended on the last day of March. The HTC One only started shipping in late April. And that has the company super excited about Q2. They say their revenues will reach $2.4 billion, which is an astounding 63.6% sequential increase.

Does HTC have enough money in the bank to fight the good fight? According to Engadget, Peter Chou, the company’s CEO, said HTC was fine “in terms of cash flow”, but he wouldn’t elaborate any further. He did say that the company will still keep on making Windows Phones, something that I honestly fail to understand given the market’s reaction to the OS.

What other products does HTC have up its sleeve for the remainder of the year? There’s the 4.3 inch version of the One, codenamed M4, and that’s it really. Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 800 processor will soon start shipping, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see HTC refresh the One during Q3 or Q4. That’s going to break a lot of hearts, but that’s just how the game works.