SamMobile: Expect the GS4 Active, GS4 Zoom, and GS4 Mini to be announced this month

When it comes to Samsung rumors, SamMobile is someone I consider to be incredibly trustworthy. Sure, they’ve published a few incorrect pieces of information, but everything else they’ve pretty much nailed. I wanted to stop trusting the site when they said Samsung was going to introduce a new product family called the Mega, with the flagship device having a 6.3 inch screen, but sure enough Samsung actually made those handsets official.

Which brings me to today’s latest gossip. The site says that Samsung will announce three phones this month. The GS4 Active, which should be nothing more than a regular GS4 that’s water proof and dust proof; the GS4 Mini (pictured above, right), which takes the massive 5 inch 1080p screen in the GS4 and downgrades it to a 4.3 inch qHD panel; and finally the GS4 Zoom, which technically isn’t a successor to the Galaxy Camera, but it kind of is since it’s supposed to ship with a 16 megapixel sensor and optical zoom.

Should you believe these rumors? Like I said, SamMobile has proven to be solid in the past, and Samsung isn’t shy of muddying their brands. We were all shocked when the GS3 Mini was announced since it shared absolutely zero specs with the GS3, so coming out with three variants that may or may not have anything to do with the original GS4 doesn’t sound too crazy.

At least to me.