HTC Butterfly S spotted on HTC’s website … kind of

If you’ve ever wondered how mobile sites render properly, regardless of the device they’re accessed from, it has something to do with a little file capped a UAP. It stands for a User Agent Profile, and it’s an XML file that browsers and apps can read to find out what your device is capable of doing. Companies typically host UAP files on their own servers, and thanks to G For Games, we now know that HTC is working on a device called the Butterfly S thanks to its UAP file.

What sort of data can we extract from the UAP? Ehhh, not much. We know it’ll have a 1080p screen, like the original, and we know it isn’t going to have any front facing buttons, which is something you typically only see on a Nexus device.

And that’s it. Sorry. No photos, no other specs, just that. If it makes you feel better, HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Benjamin Ho, did say that the company is working on a second generation Butterfly. That quote is from late March. Maybe an announcement is due this summer?