EU Commission on Apple vs. Motorola: Companies should spend their time innovating

I’m not a fan of court cases, because at the end of the day they almost never impact you, the consumer, but every now and then I’ll make an exception and cover a story that relates to the legal system. According to Reuters, the European Commission is pissed off that Google is using Motorola’s patents in attempt to get an injunction against Apple prodcuts in Germany.

The exact quote:

“I think that companies should spend their time innovating and competing on the merits of the products they offer – not misusing their intellectual property rights to hold up competitors to the detriment of innovation and consumer choice,” Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Companies should compete with each by trying to make better products, not taking each other to court because someone has some silly patent over WiFi or WCDMA. It’s a waste of time and money and the only real people who benefit are lawyers.