Does LG’s 500,000 Optimus G Pro sales in Korea mean phablets are actually cool?

When I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note II in Malaysia, and then proceeded to take it with me across South East Asia, no one said anything to me about it. It was just another phone.

I’ve now been back in Europe for two weeks, and whenever I take my Note II out, people look at me like I just punched a newborn baby in the face. Why is that? Granted, I’ve only been in Helsinki, which is small, but I think I’d probably get the same reaction in London or Paris.

It looks like in Korea, just like SE Asia, phablets are cool. LG has just announced that they’ve managed to sell half a million units of their new Optimus G Pro in just 40 days over there. What exactly is a G Pro? It’s basically a Note II, same screen size and everything, except that it uses a 1080p panel and a Qualcomm chip.

I have no clue whether it’ll ever leave Korea, but if you’re interested in importing one, read this.