Korea Times: LG will start shipping flexible displays this year, way before Samsung

According to a report published in The Korea Times, LG is on track to ship flexible displays before their archnemesis Samsung. Said displays should hit the market this year, but the report doesn’t say how big they’ll be or for which applications their best suited. LG could very well be planning on introducing 1.5 inch flexible displays for smart watches for all I know.

Should Samsung be scared? That depends. There’s so much that’s unknown at this point. I’ll ask again, how big are these flexible displays? Are they meant for smartphones? How many can LG make in a given month? How much will they cost?

It’s great that LG and Samsung are competing so hard, because in the end we as consumers win, but I’m reluctant to say that one article on website should have Samsung questioning their manufacturing prowess.

When should you expect to see flexible screens in Galaxy or Optimus smartphones? I’ll be shocked if Samsung or LG launch such a device this year. And while 2014 is probably more reasonable, I’m going to have to say the latter half.

[Via: Phone Arena]