LG: Hey, we’re coming out with a new flagship phone in Q3, so please ignore today’s portfolio

LG just told Engadget that they’re going to release a sequel to the LG Optimus G at some point in Q3. That means anywhere between July and September. Considering that LG is scheduled to hold an event in May in New York City, where they’ll likely say the Optimus G Pro is going to come to the United States, then why would they purposefully obsolete their flagship device in just a handful of months?

If you look back to 2012, LG did the exact same thing. They announced the Optimus 4X HD, the “world’s first” quad core smartphone, at Mobile World Congress in February. It took them quite a few months to get it out onto the market; it came to Europe in June. Then, by complete surprise, they announced the Optimus G in August. In effect, they obsoleted their previous premium handset in the span of a single quarter.

So what will this G sequel bring to the table? Engadget says it’ll likely have a 5 inch screen, and that’s about it. Given LG’s love of ultra high specifications, I wouldn’t be surprised if the G sequel has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800.