A future version of Android will likely have Apple “Game Center” like features

Remember going to the arcades as a kid and racking up a high score? The game you were playing would ask you for your name, and it would then display it for posterity until someone else came to take your crown.

The thinking behind that trickled into console gaming, and it was made more social thanks to the internet connectivity that came standard with today’s dedicated systems (XBOX, PS3, etc.). Apple baked similar features into iOS with version 4.1 of their mobile operating system, and now it looks like the same functionality is going to come to Android.

According to Android Police, who dissected the APK (translation: installation file) of Google’s MyGlass app, Google will likely come out with an Apple “Game Center” like environment that game developers can tap into instead of having to write those features from scratch.

Besides leader boards that display high scores, you can expect to see multiplayer support, for both real time and asynchronous games, in-game chat, achievements, and other such things.

When will Google make this stuff official? If not at Google I/O next month, then likely by the end of the year. Android is an operating system I never really associated with quality gaming, and Google probably wants to change that. It’s not that Android phones are incapable of rendering amazing graphics, it’s just that developers tend to focus on iOS because of less fragmentation and because people who own iPhones are more likely to spend money on games.

If you’re a developer, that’s all you really care about. Putting food on the table.