The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 lands in America tomorrow, but you definitely shouldn’t buy it

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 is going to hit America’s shores tomorrow and it’s going to cost $399. It isn’t the model that Europeans will be getting, the one with a SIM card slot and the ability to make phone calls; Americans will be stuck with the WiFi only variant. The guys at PocketNow made a video review of the device, which I’ve embedded below.

Now please do me a favor and don’t buy it. That price tag is beyond absurd. For $350, that’s $50 less, you can buy yourself a cellular enabled Nexus 7. And hey, if you want a larger tablet, $399 will buy you the Nexus 10. But to be perfectly frank, I don’t recommend either of those devices.

If you’re thinking about dropping $400 on a tablet, that means you have enough money to buy an iPad. Yes, this is an Android site, but even I wouldn’t recommend an Android tablet to a normal human being. Having an Android phone is one thing, and I use my Galaxy Note II extensively, but when it comes to tablets there really is nothing that can stand up to the iPad yet.

Google is going to announce a new Nexus 7 at Google I/O next month, and the rumors say it’ll start shipping in June or July. It’ll have a faster processor and a better screen, but you know what? Apple will likely announce a similar upgrade to the iPad mini during roughly the same time.

Friends don’t let friends buy Android tablets.