The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 lands in America tomorrow, but you definitely shouldn’t buy it

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 is going to hit America’s shores tomorrow and it’s going to cost $399. It isn’t the model that Europeans will be getting, the one with a SIM card slot and the ability to make phone calls; Americans will be stuck with the WiFi only variant. The guys at PocketNow made a video review of the device, which I’ve embedded below.

Now please do me a favor and don’t buy it. That price tag is beyond absurd. For $350, that’s $50 less, you can buy yourself a cellular enabled Nexus 7. And hey, if you want a larger tablet, $399 will buy you the Nexus 10. But to be perfectly frank, I don’t recommend either of those devices.

If you’re thinking about dropping $400 on a tablet, that means you have enough money to buy an iPad. Yes, this is an Android site, but even I wouldn’t recommend an Android tablet to a normal human being. Having an Android phone is one thing, and I use my Galaxy Note II extensively, but when it comes to tablets there really is nothing that can stand up to the iPad yet.

Google is going to announce a new Nexus 7 at Google I/O next month, and the rumors say it’ll start shipping in June or July. It’ll have a faster processor and a better screen, but you know what? Apple will likely announce a similar upgrade to the iPad mini during roughly the same time.

Friends don’t let friends buy Android tablets.

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  1. The heading and closing statement of this article is purely for link bait and quite a few people (myself included) will no doubt bite. But what an utterly ridiculous thing to say, generalising all android tablets based on your impressions of this tablet and it’s pricing.

    Many very good android tablets exist and I would have thought somebody embeded in the android community would be aware of this. It’s exactly this kind of misrepresentation of the functionality and usefulness of android tablet devices that is serving to keep the myth of the all conquering ipad alive.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      I don’t like something you like. Cry me a river.

      • As somebody representing the android community online statements like “Friends don’t let friends buy Android tablets.” are irresponsible. In one statement you are saying to your readership, don’t buy android tablets based upon your opinion of this tablet in particular and a personal preference for the iPad.

        But perhaps pointing out the benefits of devices such as the Nexus , Note or Transformer series of devices would be more constructive from a tech blogs point of view, that is after all the purpose of this blog is it not?

        It’s not crying a river as you put it, more contructive criticism on a responibility to report facts to your readership over personal preference.

        • Stefan Constantinescu

          I represent myself. I like Android, but I also like other things, like great tablet software, which right now only exists on iOS.

          • I think the issue here is there there is nothing in the article to substantiate your claims. Ok, the pricing isn’t where you want it to be. Legitimate gripe. But when you make such strong statements as “there is nothing that can stand up to iPads”, we want to know why you think that. If you’re going to take the time to publish an article, respect your readers with claims backed up by some experience, spec, design flaw, something. Don’t expect the catchy headline to do the work for you.

  2. Agreed that iOS has better tablet apps, but it doesn’t have a wacom digitizer with a pen. This is a costly addition to a tablet and that is why it is priced the way it is. If you don’t need/want the pen, then this tablet is not for you and it is too expensive. However, there is really nothing at this low price level that has this functionality, so for a certain subset, it is really the only thing going. I have an iPad and I am constantly frustrated by trying to use capacitive styli with it. I need a tablet with greater fidelity input.

  3. voxnulla

    When talking about these devices, arguing budget is nonsensical. You don’t really need one in the first place and it is just a luxury commodity. If budget is something you must consider, especially at the low end, then perhaps you should not be considering purchasing such a toy in the first place.

    If, however, you are willing to spend a fair amount on such a luxury good, then I’d expect you want it for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Why then, would you even consider a badly copied slapdash el-cheapo platform with poor interface guidelines, a segmented ecosystem, cheap and poor design, corners cut on everything but the meaningless popular numbers, crap support and short relevance in the real world?

    If the only reason to buy a pauper imitation iPad is because it’s not an Apple, then perhaps not buying anything is a better long term investment.


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