Will the next Nexus really have a Nikon camera? I don’t buy it.

PhoneArena recently published a rumor that hit the internet like a lightening bolt. They say that the next Nexus phone, which they’re calling the Nexus 5, will have a camera that has Nikon branding.

This rumor just doesn’t feel right to me, for multiple reasons. First, Nikon tried to build their own Android powered camera, the COOLPIX S800c. It failed because it was slow, had terrible specifications, and ran an ancient version of Android. Why would Nikon want to stick their neck out a second time to enter the connected camera space?

Second, Nexus phones are developers phones. Period. They’re attractive to consumers because they’re cheap and relatively high end, but the Nexus brand was never meant to be a consumer facing brand in the same way that the “Galaxy” or “Xperia” brands are. So why would Nikon want to work with Google on low volume hardware that’s meant for developers?

Third and final reason, assuming Google was working with Nikon, why wouldn’t they stick their technology inside a Motorla phone? And if they are sticking Nikon’s technology inside a Motorola phone, then does that mean the next Nexus is a pure “Google Phone”? How would Android partners react to that?

Anyway, expect to hear about the next Nexus towards the latter half of the year. Google I/O, which takes place in May, will likely be focused on the next version of Android and a refreshed Nexus 7.

Nexus phones on the other hand, they’ve traditionally been a Q4 thing for Google.

[Image Credit: Steve’s Digicams]