LG’s attempt to troll Samsung is an incredible waste of money

LG is a company that I have a hard time trying to understand. Samsung’s strategy is to copy Apple, and they sometimes even add a little bit of their own innovation on top. Sony’s strategy is to look at what they’ve done in the past and try to bring back some of that classic industrial design. Even the Chinese companies are doing their own thing.

But for some strange reason, LG thinks the best thing they can do is copy Samsung. And I’m not implying that the copying is subtle. I’m talking full on blatant cloning of every single thing that makes a Galaxy phone a Galaxy. Watch the video above if you’ve got 15 minutes to kill to see just what I’m talking about.

But enough about my tumultuous relationship with LG, let’s talk about their latest fumble. Samsung is going to launch the Galaxy S IV in roughly 13 hours. In order to build up some hype, they’ve decided to plaster Times Square with a whole bunch of ads. LG’s lame attempt to steal some of Samsung’s thunder is the ad you see above.

I don’t even know what to say at this point. That’s money that could have been used to hire someone who can make a phone that looks unique for a change.

[Via: Pocketnow]