Here are the 11 accessories you can buy for the new Galaxy S 4

Samsung’s microsite for the Galaxy S 4 showcases 11 accessories that weren’t mentioned during the keynote. I’m not going to run through all of them, you can do that yourself, but I will mention the two that I think stand out. Pictured above is the “S View Cover”.

You know that hideous clock and weather widget that Samsung puts on all their phones? This cover will let you see just that widget while protecting the rest of your screen. Sounds cool, but I need to play with it first before passing any judgement.

What if the clear window is made out of cheap plastic?

The other one I’m interested in is the wireless charger. Tim Stevens, the guy in charge of Engadget, says that the Galaxy S 4 has wireless charging built-in, meaning it doesn’t need any special cases to work. I haven’t heard that mentioned on other sites, so I’m going to wait a bit before jumping for joy, especially since the caption for the photo on Samsung’s site says “Wireless Charging Pad/Cover”. But assuming the GS4 can be charged wirelessly, I’m hoping that other phone makers pay attention and we see this becoming a standard features going forward.