Google Keep just went live, and watching the media warn people about it is remarkable

Google Keep accidentally went live a few days ago. I called it nothing more than an Evernote clone. Earlier this morning, Keep went live for real. Several media outlets have already come to the same conclusion, that it’s just another note taking service, but something else also happened.

Because Google decided to kill their free RSS service, Reader, arguably for no reason other than to save some money, the media is telling people not to use Google Keep because it too might disappear one day. How long with this negativity persist? Will every new Google service come with the same warning label?

I find this incredibly fascinating to watch. New services from new companies come out seemingly every week, many of which will fail, but whereas before people were cheerleading the leader in online services, Google, now they’re hurling tomatoes at them.

It’s a public relations nightmare that I’m sure is being discussed in a dimly lit office right now.

4 Responses to “Google Keep just went live, and watching the media warn people about it is remarkable”

  1. Well. More and more people do realise that something has to give when something is free:
    – Your privacy – you are sold to advertisers
    – Your data life expectancy – service might be killed one day OR service sold to someone (Mailbox, Posterous)

    Worst is when you pay for something and then it’s sold and unmaintained: Sparrow.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      I highly doubt that more and more people realize this.

  2. Robert Caldecott

    Google Reader lasted for EIGHT years. People need to get some perspective.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      That it was a great product that got killed for no reason?


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