Is the OnePlus 6T Water-Resistant?

OnePlus 6T

Earlier this week, OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 6T, the successor to OnePlus 6. The device shares the same internals as the OnePlus 6, with the major improvements focused on the outside. This includes the switch to an in-display fingerprint scanner, dropping the headphone jack, and moving to a waterdrop notch display. But what about water-resistance? Has OnePlus improved it as well?

Well, there has not been any mention from OnePlus about improving the water-resistance capabilities of the OnePlus 6T. This means that officially the device is just splash-resistance. However, as the OnePlus 6 teardown eventually revealed, the device is actually as water-resistant as other flagship Android devices out there. It just lacks an IP certification since OnePlus did not want to spend extra money on getting the necessary certification and push the price of the device up.

Until and unless a teardown of the OnePlus 6T is posted, it would be safe to assume the device has the same level of water-resistance as the OnePlus 6.

Do note that irrespective of the level of water-resistance the OnePlus 6T has, any kind of liquid damage to the device will not be covered under its standard warranty. This is a standard industry practice that is followed by the likes of Samsung and Apple as well. Couple with the fact that there’s no official IP certification for the OnePlus 6T, my advice would be to not rely too much on the water-resistance capabilities of the device and take necessary precautions as required.