LG May Show Off a ‘Foldable Phone’ at CES Next Year

CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, will take place at the beginning of January in 2019. And word on the street is that LG may be ready to show off something potentially pretty exciting.

Evan Blass took to Twitter to post that he has heard that LG will be unveiling its first foldable smartphone at its keynote event during CES 2019. Of course, this is just a plan, and those can sometimes change, so it’s possible we hear that the Life’s Good crew isn’t actually going to go through with it once the event gets closer. But, right now at least, it looks like LG wants to be one of the first companies out there with a foldable phone.

Does that mean the phone will be worth getting? Or even launch in 2019? Who knows. But at least we’ll see what LG has been working on (maybe).

Meanwhile, Blass also says that he can’t speak for Samsung in regards to seeing anything similar at next year’s CES event, which isn’t too surprising. The company has already confirmed it plans on talking about its foldable phone at its developers conference next month. So we may see the phone, we may see concept hardware, and we may even just see the UI that Samsung is working on for the device. Either way, Samsung has something to show off next month.

So, where do you stand on foldable phones right now? Excited?

[via @evleaks]