Razer Phone 2 Reportedly Leaks Out in New Image

First leaked image of the Razer Phone 2

Razer was pleased with the launch of its first smartphone, the Razer Phone, and recently confirmed that it was hard at work on the handset’s sequel.

Unfortunately, at the time, that’s all Razer was ready to talk about. There is no word on how far along Razer is on development of the Razer Phone 2, when it might ship, or what changes the company is making for the new flagship. But thanks to a new leak, we may have a place to start.

Android Headlines has published a new image of what they believe is the Razer Phone 2. As you can tell from the side-by-side with the original Razer Phone, there isn’t much changing in the hardware department. We can see the same overall design with the big bezels on the top and bottom of the display. However, it also looks like the bezels on the sides of the display are a bit bigger in the new phone, compared to the OG handset.

We can’t see the back of the Razer Phone 2, so maybe the company is making bigger changes in that area.

The Razer Phone is a powerful flagship, and it’s likely that trend will continue with the Razer Phone 2. Now that the first image of the handset has leaked, we’ll probably see quite a bit more of the device in the weeks ahead.

[via Android Headlines]

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