Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Camera App will Pack AI Features; S Pen to be Sold Separately

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 render leak

Another day, another Galaxy Note 9 leak. Thankfully, this time around, the leak does reveal something new about the handset. It reveals that Samsung will be bundling a $299 AKG Bluetooth headphones with the Galaxy Note 9 as a pre-order gift.

Alternatively, the company will also offer a $150 Fortnite package with the device, with customers having the option to decide between the two. Samsung will also offer customers the option to pay an additional $100 to get both the bundles.

Additionally, the leak reveals some new features about the S Pen as well. Firstly, the stylus will have Bluetooth support, and it will be capable of lasting for up to 30 minutes after being charged for just 40 seconds. The physical button on the S Pen can be double tapped to switch camera modes as well. With the S Pen now packing in more functionality than before and since it will also be available in different colors, Samsung plans on selling the S Pen separately this time around.

Jumping on the AI bandwagon, Samsung will include AI capabilities in the Galaxy Note 9’s camera app. Depending on the scene, the camera app will automatically switch to the appropriate mode for improved image quality. This feature will work similar to how we have seen Huawei implement AI scene detection in its camera app.

The leakster also claims that speech bubbles might appear in the camera app if it detects imperfections like blinking eyes or too much shake. Finally, the Galaxy Note 9 might be able to run into DeX mode without the DeXPad and solely relying on an HDMI cable.

The leak originates from a Reddit user who got the information from one of his sources in the retail channel.

Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9.

[Via Reddit]