Samsung Galaxy S10+ May Feature Five Cameras

Galaxy S9 - back

The rumor mill is already working on telling the world what to expect for Samsung’s flagship smartphone that will more than likely be launched early next year.

Before the end of last month, a rumor cropped up suggesting that Samsung would be introducing one of its future Galaxy S10 variants with a triple rear camera setup. That would be one more than what’s available on the Galaxy S9+ right now. That certainly doesn’t seem like a stretch at all, especially with Samsung having put such a focus on photography in its smartphones over the years.

A new report from The Bell echoes that earlier report, saying that Samsung is indeed planning on putting three cameras on the back of the Galaxy S10+. But that’s not all. The publication’s sources also say that Samsung is going to install a pair of cameras on the front of the phone, too. Unfortunately, whatever Samsung is planning on doing with those pair of cameras up front isn’t articulated in the report.

Meanwhile, the standard Galaxy S10 model is said to boast three cameras on the back, too, but come equipped with only a single camera on the front. There is rumored to be a lower cost Galaxy S10 variant, too, which will reportedly feature a pair of cameras on the back and just one camera on the front.

We are many months away from Samsung making the Galaxy S10 officially official, and, if the last few weeks are any indicator, we’re going to be hearing about the upcoming handset and its variants quite a bit between then and now.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of the Galaxy S10 next year?

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