LG V40 ThinQ May Launch in October With Three Rear Cameras


It is beginning to sound like LG is working on unveiling the followup to the LG V35 ThinQ in just a couple of months.

According to ETNews, LG is planning on hosting an event sometime in mid-September, where they will be unveiling their newest flagship smartphone, the V40 ThinQ. That would mean it’s just been a handful of months since the smartphone company launched the V35 ThinQ in May, which may or may not go over well with anyone who picked up that phone at launch.

If the V40 ThinQ does indeed get unveiled in September, then it is expected to launch in South Korea in October. That would put it about a month after the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, which is the reason why LG is reportedly aiming for an October release window. That should help reduce the competition between the two handsets, which LG is hoping will boost the V40 ThinQ’s discoverability in the market.

(The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is expected to arrive in October as well, which may put some pressure on LG as well, depending on the V40 ThinQ’s availability.)

Otherwise, this report also states that LG is planning on putting three cameras on the back of the V40 ThinQ. One is said to be a 20MP shooter, the other a 16MP sensor, and finally a 13-megapixel cameras well. LG will likely include a super wide angle lens, and a telephoto option for good measure. There are also rumored to be two cameras on the front.

Unfortunately the report doesn’t have anything else about the V40 ThinQ to divulge at this point. But, if LG is indeed planning on unveiling the device in September, the rumor mill will likely have a lot to say in the weeks ahead.

[via ETNews]