Google Duo Gains Multi-Device and Tablet Support

Google Duo

Google has started rolling out multi-device support in Google Duo. This means that you can now use Google Duo with the same phone number and Google account on multiple devices.

Previously, Google Duo was limited to only one device as it was linked to the SIM card installed on the device. However, with the last update, Google added Google account integration into Duo, and now it has rolled out multi-device update.

With multi-device support, you can make and receive Duo calls on Android devices that are linked to your Duo account irrespective of whether it has your active SIM card or not. Additionally, Google seems to have added tablet support to Google Duo as well as the app is now working properly on Android tablets complete with a tablet-optimized UI.

Google Duo Gains Multi-Device and Tablet Support

Multi-device support in Google Duo makes sense as Google is aiming to release Echo Show-like devices running Google Assistant. Since these devices will have a screen, a front camera and will be capable of making a video call, Google is adding multi-device support to Duo to prepare the service for such devices.

The update seems to be a server-side change from Google so it might not show up instantly for everyone running the latest version of Duo.

Our Take

Google has been steadily improving Duo ever since it first launched the service back in 2017. Compared to FaceTime, Duo still has a relatively small user base but it has been growing in popularity which is always a good thing. By adding multi-device support to Duo, Google is making it easier for users with multiple devices to initiate a video call using its service which is always a good thing.

When pitted against Apple’s FaceTime, Google Duo does lack one key feature though: multi-party video and audio calls. Hopefully, Google gets around to adding this feature to its video calling service within the coming months as well.

[Via XDA]

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