OnePlus Ditches the Dash Charge Branding in the EU Due to Amazon

When OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 6 in London last week, it did not mention anything about Dash Charging. This was surprising since Dash Charging was one of the most highlighted features of previous OnePlus phones and even the OnePlus 6 comes with the same charging technology. 

More puzzlingly, when OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 6 in India the very next day, it was again making references to Dash Charging. Why the sudden switch then you ask? Blame Amazon for it. OnePlus had first filed for the Dash Charge trademark in the United States and EU in 2016 when it first unveiled the OnePlus 3. However, in March this year, the EU rejected the trademark application. This is because Amazon has a trademark for ‘Dash Replenishment’ which the EU considers similar to Dash Charging.

The sign DASH CHARGE (Stylised) (“the Sign”) applied for by the Applicant in this application (“the Application”) should be considered to be similar to the Opponent’s trade mark DASH REPLENISHMENT (Stylised) (“the Mark”), as protected by the registration referred to in the Notice of Opposition (“the Prior Right”). The goods covered by the Application are identical and/or similar to the goods protected by the Mark. Because of the similarity between the Mark and the Sign and the identity or similarity of the goods covered by the Application and the goods protected by the Prior Right, there exists a likelihood of confusion (including the likelihood of association) on the part of the relevant public between the Mark and the Sign. As a result, the Application should be refused in respect of all goods covered by the Application under Article 8(1)(b) of European Union Trade Mark Regulation 207/2009/EC, as amended.

Due to this change, OnePlus decided against using the Dash Charge name for its charging technology in the European Union, though it continues to use the same name in India and other markets of the world. The lack of a trademark does not mean that OnePlus cannot use the Dash Charge term in the EU, but the company seems to be avoiding that route and taking a safer approach by ditching the name entirely. Its also possible that in the future, OnePlus will completely ditch its Dash Charging branding in favor of something else.

[Via Android Police]

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