Google Pixel Buds Add Double-Tap to Skip a Track

If you picked up a pair of Google’s wireless Pixel Buds headphones, you may have been hoping the company would let you skip a track just by tapping on one of the ear buds.

At launch, a double-tap of the right earbud would play notifications that you’d received on your smartphone. But, unsurprisingly, one of the most requested features was to add the ability to skip a track without speaking to the Google Assistant. And now that feature is finally rolling out.

Google is sending out an update to the Pixel Buds today, and with it, adding three new features. The first is the ability to turn on or off the Pixel Buds as you see fit, and also adding the ability to skip a track by double-tapping on the right earbud. Google is also making it easier to choose which device is connected to the Pixel Buds as well.

  • Triple tap: On and off with touch. Pixel Buds can now be manually turned on or off by triple-tapping on the right earbud.
  • <liDouble tap: Next track. Until now, double tapping let you hear notifications as they arrived on your phone. Now you can set double-tap to skip to the next track. To enable this, go to the Pixel Buds’ settings within the Google Assistant app on your phone and enable double-tap to skip to the next track. You can continue to use a Google Assistant voice command to skip tracks, even if you assign two taps to the “next” track feature.

  • One easy switch: Pairing devices made easy. To switch your Pixel Buds connection between your phone and computer (or any device you’ve previously paired), select your Pixel Buds from the BluetoothTM menu of the desired device. Your Pixel Buds will disconnect from the device you were using and connect to the new one.

The new update is rolling out now.

[via Google Blog]

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