Huawei P20 Series May Launch in Canada

The Huawei P20, along with its two variants, may launch in the North American market after all, even if they will still be skipping the United States.

Based on information gathered by Android Central, Huawei is planning on bringing the P20, the P20 Lite, and the P20 Pro to Canada and making all of the devices available on a variety of different wireless carriers in the Great North. According to the report, Huawei will launch the handsets on May 17, and they will be available on Fido, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Koodo, and Videotron.

As far as pricing goes, that remains an unknown at this point. Huawei has not actually confirmed anything just yet, so there might be some wiggle room to the launch window — if it happens at all. In Europe, the P20 retails for €680, and the P20 Pro can cost up to €900. So for Canadians, that might be where you want to budget, just in case.

If you’re up in Canada, do you plan on picking up either one of the P20 variants when/if they launch?

[via Android Central]

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