Gmail for Android Gains Ability to Snooze Emails and ‘Mark Unread from Here’

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To go along with a revamped Gmail for web filled with new features, Google is also rolling out the ability to snooze emails in the Gmail for Android app. The feature has long been found in Inbox for Android and Google is now finally bringing it over to Gmail.

The Snooze option is located in the 3-dot overflow menu button, and it shows the option to snooze an email to later today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, or there’s an option to choose a time and date of your choice. The rollout seems to be a server side one from Google, so the snooze option might not show up on your Android device even after updating to the very latest version (v8.4).

Google also seems to have added the option to mark a thread as partially unread in its mobile app. The feature seems to be rolled out only to some, so it is unclear if Google is only slowly rolling out the feature or it is just an experiment from the company. Nonetheless, as the ‘Mark unread from here’ option suggests, you can use it to mark a thread partially unread. This will be a particularly helpful feature for those who frequently end up being a part of a long email thread.

Lastly, Google also seems to be preparing the option to add customizable swipe actions to Gmail for Android. Right now, Google offers very limited options for swipe gestures. You can either turn it on/off and select between Delete or Archive. The ability to customize swipe gestures is a very common and popular feature among third-party email apps.

Our Take

It is good to see Google adding new features to the Gmail for Android app to go along with the major redesign of its web counterpart. I’d also expect Google to unveil a new look for the Gmail for Android app at Google I/O this year which matches the design of the web interface.

[Via Android Police]

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