Samsung Galaxy S9+ Gets a Repairability Score of 4; Battery and Display Difficult to Replace

Ahead of the Galaxy S9 retail availability late next week, the folks over at iFixit have gone ahead and tore down the handset thereby revealing its internals. Opening the Galaxy S9+ is a relatively simple task for the team as it requires the use of a heat gun and an opening pick.

The connectors and the technique to hold down various components inside the Galaxy S9 is similar to Samsung’s previous flagship Galaxy devices. This means that disconnecting the display cable from the motherboard is more difficult than it needs to be, and there’s plenty of glue used to hold down the battery in its place. Interestingly, the dual-camera setup on the Galaxy S9+ is laid on a single PCB and even connects to the motherboard using a single connector.

The team notes that since the USB-C connector is mounted on the daughterboard, replacing it will be a cheaper and easier task. The same is also true for the headphone jack thanks to its modular nature. Replacing the display on the Galaxy S9 is going to be a tough task if the teardown is anything to go by as removing it requires the use of a heat gun. The array of sensors hidden in the top bezel of the Galaxy S9+, including the iris scanner, front-facing camera, IR emitter etc., are exactly the same as used by the company on the Galaxy S8.

Overall, the Galaxy S9+ gets a repairability score of 4 out of 10 which is nothing to boast about. iFixit notes that the modular nature of many components makes them easier to replace, but replacing the battery and display are unnecessarily tough.

[Via iFixit]

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