How to Access Hidden Service Menu on Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Access Hidden Service Menu on Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ might not seem that tempting at first but look closely and you will realize that Samsung has upgraded almost every aspect of the device. And like previous flagship Samsung devices, the Galaxy S9 is filled to the brim with the latest sensors and tech available in the market right now.

The sheer number of components inside the Galaxy S9 means that there is always a chance that one or two are faulty which might have slipped Samsung’s QA. It is not a big deal since you can easily get a replacement unit or get it repaired from Samsung but its always disappointing when you get a lemon unit, especially when its such a costly smartphone.

That’s why Samsung includes a secret service menu on its flagship devices which includes even the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. This secret menu is generally used by Samsung employees to check whether various components of a phone are working properly or not. But you can also access this service menu easily to ensure that every feature and component of your Galaxy S9 is working properly. Here’s how.

How To Access Hidden Service Menu on Samsung Galaxy S9

Step 1: Open the Dialer app on your Galaxy S9 or its Plus sibling and key in “*#0*#”. This will immediately open the service menu and crank the screen brightness to very maximum.

Step 2: The service menu will display the different parts of the handset that you can test. This includes almost every component in the handset like the speaker, display touch sensitivity, various sensors, vibration motor, and more. Certain tests like the touch screen one will require user input while others will automatically run a diagnostic test and show the final result.

The service menu can come in particularly handy if you are buying a second-hand Galaxy S9 unit from Swappa, eBay, Craiglist, or any other shop. By using the menu, you can check every component of the Galaxy S9 unit you are about to get your hands on to ensure that it is working properly.