Huawei Mate 10 Pro Will Launch in the U.S. Unlocked on February 18

Huawei was planning on finally getting some major U.S. wireless carrier support for one of its major flagship handsets (the Mate 10 Pro), but word is that AT&T backed out of those talks just a day before Huawei was set to make its big announcement at CES 2018.

So, without that carrier support, Huawei is moving forward anyway with a major U.S. launch. Today, the manufacturer officially announced that the Mate 10 Pro smartphone will launch in the United States as an unlocked device. It will go up for pre-order on February 4, and, soon after that, go up for sale on February 18. It will be priced at $799 when sales start, and you will be able to buy the smartphone from either Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Microsoft, or Newegg.

The handset will be a GSM-unlocked unit. You’ll be able to use it on carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, and a few others. Verizon and Sprint customers are out of luck.

The Mate 10 Pro is a flagship, top-tier handset, and that $799 price tag certainly reflects that. Of course, it’s not nearly as expensive as many of Huawei’s competitors. Still, even with a slight different in price, all of Huawei’s competitors in the United States have support from the carriers, so the company still has a bit of an uphill climb ahead of it.

We will have to wait a bit longer to see a Huawei-branded smartphone sold on store shelves in U.S. carriers, it seems. Still, Huawei will more than likely continue to work towards that goal.

[via Huawei]

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