Google Launches Gboard Go for Low End Android 8.1 Smartphones

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Google tried to rehash the Android One platform last year in the form of Android Go. Apps and services meant for the Android Go platform would take up less RAM and be lighter on the device overall. After unveiling a handful of Go apps, Google is now launching its widely popular Gboard app under the “Go” moniker.

The app uses almost half the RAM as the full version of Gboard, making it an excellent keyboard replacement for low-end Android smartphones. This app is only compatible with low-end Android 8.1 running devices, however, so not every Android user will be able to use this on their phone.

The only workaround that we can think of is to tinker around with your phone to make it seem like it has less RAM. However, this requires too much effort and is probably not worth it.

Screenshots reveal that the app takes about 38MB of RAM, while the full version of Gboard requires 70MB of RAM. The app follows the lead of Maps Go and YouTube Go, which are currently available on the Play Store for Android Go devices. As for Gboard Go, it’s not available on the Play Store yet, but users can manually sideload it on their phones from the link below.

Download → Gboard Go from APKMirror

[Via Android Police]

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