First Beta of Xposed Framework for Android Oreo Released

Xposed Framework

The first beta of Xposed framework for Android 8.0 and Android 8.1 Oreo is now available for download. The first beta of Oreo comes within a few months of the release of the OS. In comparison, the first official beta of Xposed framework for Nougat took over a year to arrive due to a number of underlying changes introduced in the OS.

Android Oreo is still run on less than 1 percent of all Android devices out there but there are still plenty of Pixel and OnePlus owners who were eagerly waiting for Xposed framework to arrive for the OS. Since this is the first beta of the framework for Oreo, its bound to contain some bugs and issues. Do keep this in mind before you end up installing the framework on your device. And if you come across any issues, make sure to report it to the developer so that it can be fixed in a future release. The developer does warn of random app crashes from time to time but that alone should not be a deterrent for you to not install the framework on your device.

Most of the Xposed framework modules will also need to be updated before they work properly under Oreo. However, now that Xposed framework for Oreo is out, it is only a matter of time before all popular modules for it are updated as well.

The installation instructions for Xposed framework on Oreo remains the same as before. You can download all the relevant files from the source link below.

[Via XDA]

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