Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

Galaxy Note 8

Like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 is a beautiful piece of technology featuring an aluminium chassis sandwiched by Gorilla Glass panels at the front and rear. That also makes the Note 8 as fragile as the Galaxy S8 and other smartphones which feature a glass back. After all, glass is glass and it will crack when dropped. This means that using a case on the Galaxy Note 8 is almost a compulsion. Unless of course, you don’t mind paying for an expensive screen or rear glass panel replacement.

Since the Galaxy Note 8 was among the most anticipated smartphones to be released this year, you will find plenty of cases for it as well. These cases come in a variety of design and offer different levels of protection. If you are confused as to which case you should buy for your Galaxy Note 8, have a look below for some of our recommendations.

Spigen Air Skin

If you want a minimalistic case that offers more than adequate level of protection to your Note 8, Spigen’s Air Skin should be your choice. Featuring an excellent build quality and cutouts for the various physical buttons on the device, the Spigen Air Skin case also features a small lip at the front to protect the display from scratches and reduce the impact on face down falls. The case also does not interfere with key features of the Note 8 like Samsung Pay and wireless charging. And if you want to show off that gold or blue rear panel of your Note 8, you can go for the transparent ‘Soft Clear’ color of the case.

Spigen Air Skin

Dbrand skin

I am not a fan of cases. Most of them add a lot of bulk to the device and take away that premium feeling from it. Considering I am paying a premium for a flagship phone, I should be able to enjoy its premium build quality as well. However, the sad reality is that with phones primarily being made of glass nowadays, the use of a case is almost a necessity. In comes vinyl skins from Dbrand which will help spice up the look of your Note 8 while also protecting the edges and the rear glass panel from dings and drops.

Dbrand’s 3M skins are available in a variety of colors and finish including wood, marble, and leather. The installation part might be a bit tricky but then you can remove and re-apply the skin multiple times until you are satisfied with the final result.


RhinoShield Note 8 Bumper

A bumper might not seem like much at first glance but when done right, it will give your phone plenty of protection. While you will find quite a few bumper cases for the Note 8, nothing comes close to RhinoShield’s CrashGuard bumper case for the handset.

The bumper has been designed in such a way that it can absorb impacts from up to 11ft of drops. Being a bumper, the RhinoShield CrashGuard can only protect the edges of your Note 8 in case of a fall. Since the front and rear of the phone are completely exposed, any direct hit on them due to a fall can easily shatter them. But then the chances of that happening are less and you also get to enjoy the premium feel of the device. The huge lip surrounding the front and rear of the device ensures that the glass panels are shielded from any impact in the event of a fall.

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper

Samsung LED View Cover

If you want a flip case with a bit of a bling, have a look at Samsung’s LED View Cover. The case features its own small LED display which can display the time, date, and unread notifications from certain apps. Being a flip case, the LED View Cover will make your Note 8 bulky but then your handset will get all round protection. Plus, you also get the space to store your ID or other important cards in the case as well.

At $49.99, the LED View cover from Samsung is definitely among the more expensive cases available for the Note 8. Worse, most owners report that the LED functionality of the case stops working after a few months of use.

Note 8 LED View Cover

UAG Monarch

If you want a rugged case that will allow you to carry the Note 8 with your in your adventures, the UAG Monarch is your best bet. The case comes with a 10-year warranty and has been certified for MIL-STD 810G and 516.6 drops. It features 5 different layers of protection which means that with the case donned, your Note 8 would be ready to take on any rugged terrain you can think of. At $59.95 though, the protection offered by UAG Monarch definitely comes at a price. Not to forget, your Note 8 will look and feel more like a tank than a phone with the case on.

UAG Monarch

Which is your favourite case for the Galaxy Note 8? Drop a comment and do share your suggestions with us.

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