Samsung Galaxy S8 to Gain Portrait Mode with Future Software Update

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Closeup

Samsung is seemingly looking to bring Portrait mode to the Galaxy S8 with a future software update. Thanks to the dual-camera setup on the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is able to offer a Portrait mode feature called Live Focus on the device. However, the Galaxy S8 only comes with a single 12MP shooter at its rear. 

Since Google unveiled the Pixel 2 with a Portrait mode despite a single 12MP shooter at its rear, S8 owners have also been curious about a similar functionality coming to their device. When inquired by a customer, a Samsung engineer replied that while “there is no such information yet, but we hope that you will get portrait mode update with the next SW.”

It is possible that Samsung will introduce the Portrait mode on the Galaxy S8 with the Android 8.0 Oreo update. Google managed to include Portrait mode on the Pixel 2 thanks to its machine learning prowess, but it remains to be seen if Samsung will also be able to achieve similar results with the single 12MP shooter on the Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8’s 12MP shooter is already considered to be among the best in smartphones this year and the inclusion of a Portrait mode will only make it better. Not to forget, the feature should also please existing Galaxy S8 owners and make them less envious of other handsets like the Note 8 and iPhone 7/8Plus.

[Via GSMArena]

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