Check Out These Google Pixel 2 Camera Samples

Pixel 2 XL Black-White

When Google unveiled the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL last week, it made quite a bit of fuss about the camera performance of the devices. The company even demoed some camera shots taken from the handsets at the event that showed what the camera was capable of.

Now, Google has released further camera samples taken from the Pixel 2 to show off its imaging prowess. The photos do a great job of showing just what the 12MP camera on the Pixel 2 is capable of, including its Portrait mode.

None of the photos above was edited in any way and they have been taken straight from the Pixel 2 with no professional equipment being used. Do remember that the photos were taken by professional photographers though who are capable of getting the best out of any equipment provided to them. Nonetheless, that still does not change the fact that the camera on the Pixel 2 seems to be on a completely different level when compared to what we have seen from other smartphone cameras so far.

Make sure to head over to this Google Photos album to see more beautiful shots taken from the Pixel 2. Some of the sample photos in the album are Motion Photos, which is similar to Live Photos as seen on the iPhone.