Google Calendar on the Web Updated With Material Design

Google Calendar is a popular app for many people, Android users or not, and now the web version is getting a much-needed update to clean things up.

Announced today by Google, Google Calendar on the web is getting updated to match the Material Design aesthetic that the company uses across its services. The update has been one of the more oft-requested changes for Google Calendar, so it’s good to finally see it making the cut. The new update, which is available beginning today, means that users will see auto-adjusting elements to match each user’s screen size, as well as an overall responsive layout.

Here are the main bullet points that Google also brought to Google Calendar on the web, along with the Material Design change:

  • See conference room details when booking a room. G Suite admins can now enter detailed information about their organization’s meeting rooms—so employees know where a conference room is located, how large it is, and whether it has audio/video equipment or is wheelchair accessible. Employees can simply hover over the room name in Calendar when they want to book a space, and a hovercard will pop up with details about the conference location and resources.
  • Add rich formatting and hyperlinks to your Calendar invites. Link to relevant spreadsheets, documents or presentations in your Calendar invite and open them directly from the new “Event Detail” view. This can help you create more detailed agendas and ensure all materials are in one place before your meeting starts.
  • Manage multiple calendars side by side in “Day” view. Now you can view and manage calendars in separate columns. This makes it easier for employees who manage multiple calendars, like administrative assistants, to schedule meetings on behalf of their teams. Click “Day” view and select the calendars you want to compare.

There are a few other important additions, including being able to quickly see contact information of a meeting’s participants if you hover over their names in an invite. It should be easier to quickly switch between “Day,” “Week,” and “Month” views, too.

The majority of changes and addition are geared towards enterprise users, but if you use Google Calendar for personal use, you can get the new version by clicking the “Use new Calendar” at the top-right of the calendar.

[via Google Blog]