Xiaomi Mi A1 FAQ

Xiaomi’s first Android One handset, the Mi A1, went on sale in India today. The announcement of the handset took many by surprise since Xiaomi has always promoted its own MIUI skin. Even if you remove the Android One aspect, there is no denying the fact that the Mi A1 is an impressive device. 

Essentially a rebrand of the Mi 5x, the handset sports a dual-camera setup at the rear and a beautiful design for a price that is hard to compete with. If you are planning on buying the Mi A1 and have some doubts surrounding the device, check out our FAQ below.

Q) What are the full specs of the Xiaomi Mi A1?

A) The full specs of the handset are as follows:

Dimensions 155.4 x 75.8 x 7.3 mm
Weight 165gms
Display 5.5-inch Full HD
Gorilla Glass 3
Chipset 2GHz Snapdragon 625
Octa-core CPU comprising of eight Cortex A53 cores; Based on 14nm FinFET node
GPU Adreno 506
Storage 64GB
microSD card slot
Camera Rear:
12MP + 12MP
Primary shooter:
f/2.2 lens, 1.25 microns pixel
Secondary shooter:
f/2.6 lens, 1.0 microns pixel
PDAF, 2x Optical Zoom
Dual-tone LED flash
4K video recording
5MP f/2.0 wide-angle lens
Connectivity Wi-Fi b/g/n dual-band
Bluetooth 4.2
Hybrid Dual SIM
LTE, VoLTE, Reliance Jio support
USB-C, 3.5mm jack
Sensors Fingerprint
Ambient light
Battery 3080mAh
No Fast charging
Colors Gold and Black
Software Android 7.1.2 Nougat

Q) Is the battery of the handset removable?

A) No. The Mi A1 has a unibody aluminum build so its back cover and battery are not removable.

Q) What kind of SIM card slot does the phone have? Can I use two SIM cards and a microSD card at the same time?

A) The Mi A1 features a hybrid slot which means you can use either two (nano+micro) SIM cards or a SIM card and a microSD card on the phone at any given time.

Q) Is the display on the Xiaomi Mi A1 protected by Gorilla Glass?

A) The 5.5-inch 1080p IPS display on the Mi A1 is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3.

Q) How many fingerprints can one register on the Xiaomi Mi A1?

A) 5.

Q) Are the capacitive buttons on the Xiaomi Mi A1 customisable?

A) No, you cannot customise the functions of the capacitive buttons on the Mi A1.

Q) Are the capacitive buttons backlit?

A) Yes, they are.

Q) Can you lock apps using the fingerprint scanner on the Xiaomi Mi A1?

A) Yes, you can, though you will need to use a third-party app for this. The steps can be found here.

Q) Does the Xiaomi Mi A1 feature an IR blaster?

A) Yes, the Mi A1 does feature an IR blaster along with Xiaomi’s Mi Remote app.

Q) Does the Xiaomi Mi A1 feature native video calling support?

A) Yes, it does. Google and Xiaomi have integrated the Duo calling app into the native Phone app on the device.

Q) Is the Xiaomi Mi A1 waterproof?

A) No, the handset is not water-resistant or features a water repellent coating.

Q) How many different variants of the Xiaomi Mi A1 is Xiaomi selling in India?

A) Xiaomi is only selling one variant of the Mi A1 in India with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage space for Rs 14,999.

Q) Does the Xiaomi Mi A1 feature FM Radio?

A) No, it does not.

Q) What’s so special about the dual camera setup of the Mi A1?

A) The Mi A1 features a dual-12MP camera setup at the rear which offers 2x optical zoom and a Portrait mode similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. While quite a few other handsets in the same price range also offer a dual-camera setup, none of them offer a 2x telephoto lens like the Mi A1. Despite running a stock version of Android, the Mi A1 features Xiaomi’s own camera app thereby allowing one to get the most out of the camera.

Q) How is the Xiaomi Mi A1 better than the Moto G5s Plus?

A) While the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the Moto G5s Plus are both similar to each other, both in terms of specs and features, the Mi A1 is better than Moto’s offering in quite a few areas. Firstly, the Mi A1 is an Android One handset which has its own benefits. While it won’t receive Android OS updates at the same time as Google’s own Pixel, it should still be among the first devices in the market to receive updates to latest versions of Android. Secondly, the handset comes with an IR blaster and a more useful dual-camera setup compared to the G5s Plus. Lastly, despite these advantages, the Mi A1 is cheaper than the G5s Plus by Rs 1,000 which further sweetens the deal.

Q) Can you record slow-motion videos on the Mi A1?

A) Yes, it can but only at 720p @ 120fps. It can also record videos in 4K resolution at 30fps.

Q) Which version of Android does the Xiaomi Mi A1 run on? 

A) The handset runs on Android 7.1.2 Nougat out of the box with the August security patch.

Q) Does the Xiaomi Mi A1 support LTE and VoLTe networks? Will a Reliance Jio SIM work on the phone?

A) Yes, it does support LTE and VoLTE out of the box. Unlike many other phones, the handset will also work with a Reliance Jio SIM out of the box. If VoLTE on Reliance Jio is not working on your Mi A1, check this article out.

Q) Does the Mi A1 support fast charging? 

A) Sadly, no. The handset is only able to charge at a maximum rate of 2A at 5v.

Q) How much free storage space does the Mi A1 have out of the box?

A) Almost 52GB out of the box.

Q) Can you uninstall or disable pre-installed apps on the handset?

A) The Mi A1 does not come with any bloatware pre-installed at all. During the intiial setup process, you are prompted to download three useful Mi apps: the Mi Remote, Mi Store, and the Mi Calculator.

Q) What colors are the Xiaomi Mi A1 available in?

A) The handset is available in black and gold colors.

Q) What contents do you get inside the retail box of the Xiaomi Mi A1?

A) You get the phone, a 2A charger, USB cable, SIM ejector tool, and some regulatory papers. No case or screen guard is bundled with the phone.

Q) Does the handset support USB OTG?

A) Yes, the Mi A1 supports USB On-The-Go. This allows you to directly connect pen drives, external hard disks and more using an adapter to the device.

Q) When and where can you buy the Mi A1 from?

A) The Mi A1 can be purchased from Flipkart, Mi Store, Mi Home, as well as selected offline retail stores. You can buy the handset from Flipkart .

If you have any other question regarding the Xiaomi Mi A1, drop in a comment and we will be glad to answer them

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