Samsung May Launch a Cheaper Galaxy Note 8 With Less RAM

Yesterday, Samsung officially unveiled its next phablet, the Galaxy Note 8. At the same time, the company revealed its pricey price tag.

The MSRP for the Galaxy Note 8 in the United States is around $940, less or more depending on where you look and how you buy it. But it looks like Samsung may be working on a cheaper option. The Chinese telecom regulator TENAA has a device from Samsung that recently passed through its testing phase, as noted by CNET and MySmartPrice.

According to the latter publication, Samsung’s upcoming device will be keeping the majority of features from the standard Galaxy Note 8, like the big Infinity Display, its resolution, and built-in storage. However, the one thing that will be changing is the RAM. This cheaper option will reportedly drop to 4GB of RAM instead of the 6GB of RAM in the standard variant.

As for the price, it looks like the new variant may be upwards of $110 off the MSRP. If that is indeed the case, that’s quite the discount. Unfortunately there’s no word on whether or not this particular cheaper option will ever make it to the light of day, and, even if it does, where it will be available. It’s possible it’s only for certain markets, and that the U.S. isn’t one of them.

Still, if Samsung does launch a cheaper Galaxy Note 8, would you choose that option over the higher-end model?

[via CNET; MySmartPrice]

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