Samsung to Launch Bixby Globally Soon

Almost a month ago, Samsung rolled out Bixby Voice support — its own voice assistant — for Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners in the US. Now, it looks like the company is working on finally launching its voice assistant globally.

Even before the Galaxy S8 launched, there was a lot of hype surrounding Bixby. Samsung did not help things either by including a dedicated physical key on the Galaxy S8 to launch Bixby which even months after the phone’s release is hardly of any use.

While Samsung has not announced anything officially, the company has been rolling out software updates for all its system apps through the Galaxy App Store with the change long mentioning that Bixby (English) is launching globally soon.

It is possible that we can see Samsung make an official announcement regarding Bixby’s international availability later this month when it unveils the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd in New York.

Samsung has already received a lot of criticism for Bixby’s voice functionality missing on the Galaxy S8 even after the phone has been on the market for almost five months. The company likely does not want to continue that trend with the Galaxy Note 8 and wants to make sure the voice functionality of Bixby is availability globally by the time the Note 8 hits the market.

As things stand right now, Bixby is available in South Korea and the United States with Korean and English language support.

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