Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Come With a Modular Design

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - rear view

Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy Note 8 tomorrow, but rumors about the company’s 2019 flagship handset — the Galaxy S9 — have already started making their way to the internet. The rumor points to the Galaxy S9 coming with a modular design.

Motorola and LG are the two major OEMs who have already released modular smartphones in the market. While LG’s implementation failed miserably and was short-lived, Moto has continued with its modular approach. Even Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone features a modular design, though there is a lack of modular accessories for it.

Samsung is also considering a modular design for the Galaxy S9 with an approach that would be similar to that of Motorola. The Galaxy S9 is still in early stages of development with its design far from finalized. So, it is always possible that Samsung will shelve the modular design approach at the last moment.

However, with modular smartphones clearly being the future, it does make sense for Samsung to release its flagship Galaxy S handset next year with a modular design. If done right, it would allow the Galaxy S9 to stand out from the competition especially since Samsung has the resources to offer plenty of modular accessories for the handset as well.

[Via SamMobile]

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