LG V30 to Feature UX 6.0+ with Floating Bar, Customisable Always On Display, Face Unlock, More

Ahead of the official unveiling of the V30 later this month, LG has provided more details about its new UX that will be running on the handset. The Korean company says that its new UX 6.0+ has been optimised to “work even better” with the 18:9 OLED display the V30 will ship with.

LG says that the V20’s secondary display has matured into a semi-transparent floating bar on the V30. This floating bar can be dragged anywhere on the display and can be dismissed when needed. LG’s new UX also comes with an Always On Display (AOD) that is more customisable than before. The new AOD can show music player controls, quick tools, or any custom pic set by the user.

LG’s UX 6.0+ also comes with more advanced security features. This includes Face Unlock which can unlock the device automatically without the user having to first wake the device up like on other smartphones. There’s also always-on Voice Recognition capability on the handset that can be customised (up to three to five syllables) to one’s liking. LG says that both its new Always On Display and Always-listening will consume very little power.

The manual mode on LG’s UX was already among the best in the market. With UX 6.0+ on the V30, LG is improving it even further by introducing Graphy.

With Graphy, users can choose from among a portfolio of professional shots, each with a different style and mood or they can download photos taken by professionals from the Graphy website or mobile app and apply those metadata presets – such as white balance, shutter speed, aperture and ISO – to photos taken with the V30.

In addition, the Camera app on the V30 comes with plenty of other shooting modes like grid shot, snap shot, match shot, GIFs, and more.

Lastly, the V30 comes with a new haptic feedback/vibration motor whose feedback can be customised to one’s liking.

LG will be unveiling the V30 on August 31, just a day before IFA 2017 is set to kick off in Berlin.