LG V30 Plus Said to Launch With V30 in South Korea

Later this month, LG is going to unveil the V30, the newest smartphone in its lineup. But apparently it won’t be alone.

ETNews reports that the Life’s Good team is planning on unveiling another V30 variant, this one meant for South Korea, that’s called the V30 Plus. While the name suggests it will have a bigger display than the standard V30, that’s apparently not the case. Both handsets are said to feature a 6-inch OLED display, and they will also both offer a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB of RAM. It’s expected that all the other features in the phone will be the same, too, including the camera and build quality.

However, there is said to be some differences. First, the V30 Plus is rumored to feature 128GB of built-in storage, while the V30 is said to offer 64GB, so the Plus apparently relates to built-in storage this time around. In addition to that, the V30 Plus and V30 are said to offer up wireless charging and Hi-Fi audio support, but the report doesn’t specifically say which model will be getting which feature, or if one model will be getting both and the other won’t be getting any.

Either way, it sounds like the V30 Plus will be heading to South Korea in the near future, but there doesn’t appear to be any expectation that it could launch in other markets after it initially debuts there.

Are you looking forward to the V30 at all?

[via ETNews]

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