Does the LG V30 Feature an IR Blaster?

LG was the only OEM in 2016 to offer a flagship handset with a handy IR blaster with its poorly received LG G5. With the V20, LG again had a change of heart and included the IR blaster on the device. So, what about the LG V30? Does it come with an IR blaster?

Sadly, no. Despite all the improvements that LG has made to the V30 when compared to the V20 and the G6 from this year, the company opted against including an IR blaster on its latest flagship handset. This means that you will not be able to use the handset to control other non-smart home appliances around you.

There’s not much that can be done here. LG’s decision likely stems from the fact that other major OEMs like Samsung and HTC have also ditched the IR blaster from their flagship devices. Not to mention most people were blissfully unaware of just how handy the IR blaster was on their previous flagship devices. Thus, from a cost viewpoint, it makes sense for companies to ditch the IR blaster from their devices.

Sadly, this means thatย notย a single flagship launched in 2017 features an IR blaster. Be it the Galaxy S8, Note 8, LG G6, HTC U11, and now the V30. With home appliances now featuring Google Assistant integration and support, it is unlikely that we will see IR blaster make a return on flagship Android devices.

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  • Graham Parkes

    That sucks, as I use the IR Blaster on my V10 every day to control my two LG Blu-ray players and my bedroom Sony TV, as the remote controls for them died last year.

    • Don Frane

      I had a s6 edge. Now I have a Xiaomi mi note 2. I did not buy the s7 edge because of the lack of ir blaster

      • Eddy Mosnneanu

        For how long do you own the mi note 2? Did you had any issue with it?

        • Don Frane

          2 months. Great device but the cameras are not good as the s6 edge.

  • Chris

    I want a phone with ir blaster, image stabilizer, removable battery, 6gb ram, OLED 2k. All are possible. I must be in the minority. I use the ir all the time. Honor 9 might be my next phone. Checks 2 of 3 boxes.

    • Broken bose

      Absolutely feel the same way. No removable battery and no ir blaster. Guess that means no phone upgrade for me.

    • RJ

      Wow, that would be awesome!

    • dima

      i use my IR daily… bought the lg g5 and lg v20.. sad to see there’s no new phones i can buy ๐Ÿ™

    • ยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยนยน ยนยนยนยนยนยนยน

      Sadly, nobody will – because all of that stuff is cents on the dollar. The same reason everyone gave up trying to produce modular phones, other than fairphone.

  • Aquaman6687

    The V20 does have an ir blaster

    • BMC

      thats why im keeping my V20!! and its removable battery!!

      • Aquaman6687

        Yeah I would’ve upgraded to the V30 had it kept just one of them but alas it doesn’t such a shame.

  • Marcelo Reis

    Sad, very sad. If any other flagship sported an IR blaster, I would probably ditch my S8.

  • Cleyton

    xiaomi mi6 has IR and has already leaked the specifications of xiaomi mi6 plus that will also have IR. The huawei p10 has IR and the rumors of mate 10 are that it will also have.

    • lg

      Nobody wants Xiami or Huawei or whatever. Everyone who is asking, whining, complaining as others may put it, wants and LG phone for camera, audio, and other great features along with the IR.

      • Cleyton

        my answer was to the author of the story when he said that no flagship 2017 has IR. I mentioned the manufacturers who launched their flagship in 2017 with IR Blaster. This shows that the author is misinformed.

  • Steez

    Not like keeping this feature was an extreme financial burden. They should have kept it to appease current owners looking to upgrade and to also differentiate themselves from the other flagships. Everyone copied the dual cameras, albeit with different uses, but there was no reason to follow in their footsteps on this particular issue.

  • Mike Hastings

    #G30, V series is dead.

  • Nomi DeGuerre

    *Sigh* 1 more reason to hate the V30!

    I bought (and love) my V20 for 3 simple reasons: Removable battery, IR blaster, & 2nd screen….

    I’d actually pay good money to AVOID downgrading to a V30.

  • LethalLunatic

    Lg only flagship handset in 2016 with IR? Are you kidding me? Huawei has them too..

  • That is why I miss my V10 .. but Huawei P10+ has a 2017 flagship with IR..
    Too bad it is not IP68 rated..