Google Play Protect Logo Will Soon Be Seen on Retail Packaging of Android Devices

Android OEMs have always had to ensure that their devices meet certain requirements from Google before they gain access to the Google Play Store. Starting from today, Google is going to highlight such devices through its Certified Android devices program.

All Certified Devices from Google undergo rigorous compatibility tests to ensure they are safe and secure and adhere to various permission models of the OS.

Google will also be showing its Google Play Protect logo on the retail packaging of all Certified Devices going forward. This will help customers identify if all the security features offered by the company under its Play Protect program are applicable for it or not. This suite includes automatic virus scanning, Find my Device, and protection against malware, data leaks and more.

Certified devices also come with Google Play Protect out-of-the-box, providing users with a suite of security features that include automatic device scanning for malware. This provides baseline protection against malware, privacy hacks and more.

All Certified Android devices also come with various Google apps pre-installed which are completely authentic. Google notes that if your Android device is not certified, it will not have access to basic security features and apps from the Google Play Store might not work as intended.

Google is plausibly taking this move to help create more awareness about the various security features already present in Android. The OS has gained a bad name for itself due to malicious apps stealing user data without their permission. With this move, Google is hoping to instill more awareness among consumers about the various safety measures it has taken to keep the OS secure.

[Via Google Blog]