AT&T to Become First US Carrier to Carry a Huawei Flagship Smartphone in 2018

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Huawei has been growing rapidly in Europe and China but the company despite its repeated attempts has been unable to make headroom into the US smartphone market. The Chinese company has so far tried to sell its premium flagship phones in the US through an unlocked model which does not particularly do well in the country.

That might change soon though as Huawei is reportedly working with AT&T to launch a flagship phone on its network in 2018.

By offering its phone through a US carrier, Huawei will be able to ensure that its handset makes its way to the carrier’s retail stores all across the US. This way more consumers would be able to look, feel and experience the device before deciding on whether they want to drop some money on it or not.

Huawei and AT&T will be launching this unnamed flagship smartphone in the first half of 2018. While it is unclear which handset, chances are Huawei will go out all guns blazing in its┬álatest attempt to capture the US smartphone market with the Mate 10 — its upcoming flagship.

Huawei has been able to aggressively sell its phones in Europe through its close ties with carriers. In the US though, since the company’s network equipment was banned in 2012, it has not been able to offer lucrative deals to carriers to sell its smartphones in their stores in exchange for its network equipment. After failing numerous times and repeated tries, Huawei seems to have finally convinced AT&T to sell its flagship smartphone through its stores.

[Via The Information]

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