Xiaomi Launches Its Own AI-Powered Mi Speaker for $45

Xiaomi today jumped on the smart speaker bandwagon with its Mi AI Speaker. In typical Xiaomi style, the company will be competing in terms of features and value for money with its speaker.

Priced at RMB 299 ($45), the Mi AI speaker is far cheaper than Google Home, Apple’s HomePod or Amazon’s Echo. Xiaomi says the speaker has “excellent sound quality” thanks to its two audio drivers. It also features six microphones for 360-degree audio sensing and audio beam forming. The music control buttons are located at the top.

As for its AI part, the Mi AI speaker accepts voice commands that can be used to control music playback and other products from Xiaomi or its 30+ smart partners. The speaker is also able to connect independently to the internet and has its own content library with access to millions of songs, audio books, kids stories, and radio.

The Mi AI Speaker will go on sale in China from next month for RMB 299. Like other products from Xiaomi, the AI Speaker is unlikely to make its way out of the country.

Xiaomi also has an early bird program for the AI Speaker where it will let users buy the speaker for 1RMB. However, in exchange, they will have to help the company improve its AI system and make it more intelligent.

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