OnePlus Promises to Fix OnePlus 5 Inverted Audio Channel Bug

OnePlus 5 Audio Bug

Customers of the OnePlus 5 will be interested to know that amidst the flurry of bugs that the company has already acknowledged, it now has a new one to contend with. This one isn’t as severe as the others, although it’s still pretty concerning. Well, when you record a video on the OnePlus 5 in landscape orientation, it seems like the audio is recorded in opposite channels i.e. inversely.

This means that when you’re recording something to the right of the screen, the audio will pop up on the left and vice versa. This phenomenon is evident when the audio is heard back using headphones or stereo speakers. Some customers of the OnePlus 3 and the 3T are now coming forward claiming that they’re experiencing this issue as well. Thankfully, OnePlus has acknowledged this particular bug and has promised to fix it with the next OxygenOS software update.

The issue was first spotted on Reddit by a user named¬†Jordy Holland (u/opperdwerg) and has since picked up traction on social media. OnePlus has its work cut out to make sure this doesn’t affect the company’s credibility in the long run.

The smartphone also saw some Wi-Fi related problems during its brief existence in the market, along with the infamous jelly scrolling bug¬†with the display, which the company brushed aside as “normal”. Check out the audio bug in action from the video below.

[Via Reddit]

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