Google Rolling Out Smarter New Feed Experience in Google Search App

Google today announced a new more powerful Feed in its Google Search app that will use its advanced machine learning algorithms to show you more relevant and interesting content to you.

The smarter new feed will now show cards highlighting sports news, videos, music, and other stores that might interest you. These topics will also be influenced depending on the area you live and your past usage history.

To make it easier to follow topics that you are interested in, Google is introducing a new ‘Follow’ button that you can tap to ensure you get updates and stories about that topic in your feed. This ‘Follow’ button is only available for certain search results for now though.

Apart from displaying more relevant content, Google is also improving the quality of these content by showing you stories from a variety of sources and other information related to it. Users will also be able to fact check articles and get other information to it. You can also tap on the header of a topic to do a quick Google Search about it for more information.

Google is rolling out its new feed to both iOS and Android users albeit only for those located in the US for now. Its international roll out will start in a couple of weeks from now.

[Via Google]