Google Maps Now Includes a Travel Time Graph

Google rolled out a graph to show how busy a business is throughout the day, and now it looks like that same graph has cropped up for a different use case.

Android Police discovered a new feature that has quietly rolled out to users, which is a travel time graph, making it easier for users to quickly gauge whether or not traffic is going to be either not an issue or a pressing concern for time. The feature has apparently been rolling out for the last few weeks, and many users should already have access to it.

As noted in the report, the new time graph will show up above the directions for a particular route. It shows the time allotted for the trip, and the graph bars will show up to 30 minutes before the scheduled trip, and a couple of hours at least afterwards. This should make it easier for users to determine whether or not they should leave a little early, if at all possible, or wait a bit longer before they leave on their trip, based on the graph’s interpretation of traffic data.

Being able to quickly see how busy a particular route might be, without having to dig into the map itself and look for any sections on the road marked red, is a welcomed addition to Google Maps. It should be live for most now.

[via Android Police]

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