Essential Phone to Ship ‘in a Few Weeks’

The Essential Phone from Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone was supposed to have shipped to customers who pre-ordered it by now. However, after its unveiling, Essential has essentially been silent about their phone and its shipping time. The phone was initially supposed to ship within a month of its unveiling.  

Today, the company has finally broken its silence and provided an update on when it expects to ship the Essential phone to those who pre-ordered it.

In the update, Andy Rubin says that the company has been hard on getting everything ready and the Essential phone is currently going through “certification and testing with multiple US and international carriers.” Andy says that customers should get the Essential phone “in a few weeks” from now.

While a “few weeks” is still a pretty vague time frame, most customers should get their Essential Phone by the end of August.

With a price tag of $699, the Essential Phone was likely pre-ordered only by enthusiasts and Andy Rubin fans. While they are unlikely to appreciate the delay, a word from the company here goes a long way in instilling confidence in them.

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